Bokaria Wirenetting Industries
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Wire Mesh

Wires Mesh is used for various applications in industries, commercial places and even homes. These are manufactured from fine grade raw materials like mild steel, galvanised ,stainless steel, spring steel, aluminium, brass, copper, nickel, phosphor bronze, monel, etc. There are  wide variety of wires meshes available such as the plain weave which is the most popular, twill, plain dutch twill weave, reverse dutch weave and multiplex weave.The weaving of wires in different diameters also helps in determining the aperture, the open area and strength of the material.

Weld Mesh

Weldmesh is manufactured from metal wires welded using an electronically controlled electric process employing the principle of fusion combined with pressure at their intersections. This gives a homogeneous section without any loss of strength or area. By using different diameter wires, it can be made into light or heavy duty product. Because it is welded it cannot separate or fray and does not require tensioning in order to pull it into shape. It can be supplied in framed panels made to customers’ requirements. Its large open areas gives good visibility when used as screening or for guards.

Welded Wire Fabric

This Fabric is manufactured using thicker gauge of wires for bigger sections. Also known as Weldmesh, it is made in a square or rectangle shape mesh using cold drawn high yield strength steel wires, ribbed wires and also tor steel and is exclusively used as a prefabricated steel reinforcement material. Simple to use, it allows maximum construction speed. Hence, it provides designers,architects,consultants, engineers and civil contractors an established, convenient and economical reinforcement option for modern concrete structures,canal linings,cable trenches linings etc.

Perforated Sheet

Perforated Sheets are manufactured by high speed feed and punching machines. Perforated sheets are extensively used in various industries as well as  architects and designers. Added to its practical benefits, its decorative aspects make it ideal for features and displays. Any ductile material can be perforated. The perforation can be done in a range of shapes like round, square, slotted or decorative patterns, of which, the round hole perforation is the most popular. The manufacturing is done  coils or sheets. Cut pieces of mesh with perforation as per your design can be made to specific requirements.

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screens are heavy duty wiremeshes used for extremely rugged operating conditions in scalping, sizing or processing heavy abrasive materials such as ores, crushed stones, sand, gravel, metallic and non metallic minerals, coal slag, etc. Screens can be manufactured to any mesh size and any thickness using high tensile abrasion resistant spring steel, mild steel, galvanized iron and stainless steel wires or rods to suit that  particular application, with or without egde preparation or clamping with or without rivetting also.

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